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Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health offers Community Mental Health programs.

Drug Offender Classes

Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health offers Drug Offender Classes.


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Substance Abuse Treatment

Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health offers Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Texas Drug Offender Education Program (TDOEP)

The goal of the TDOEP is to educate participants on the effects of drug abuse and dependence and the dangers of drug and associates legal activities. Course Requirements for TDOEP: In Texas Section 521.371 - 521.377, Texas Transportation Code (formerly Article 668 7B Section 24 B, Texas Civil Statutes) states that persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony drug offenses will automatically have their licenses suspended for a period of sex months. In order to have their dangers of drug abuse approved by the department. FAILURE TO COMPLETE THE PROGRAM WILL RESULT IN THE LICENSE BEING REVOKED INDEFINITELY UNTIL THE EDUCATION PROGRAM IS COMPLETED. The standardized program is 5 days, 15 hours in length, 3 hours each day. It is designed to increase the knowledge of drug offenders by educating them on dangers of drug abuse and associated illegal activities to identify their own individual drug-use patterns, and to assist them in developing a personal action plan which will reduce the probability of suffering the consequences of future drug using and illegal behavior. STATE CERTIFIED TDOEP CLASSES If you live in Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugarland, Stafford, Missouri City, Needville, Kendleton, Beasley, Fulshear, Eagle Lake or Houston you should take TDOEP with us. Course: 12 Hours: 5, 3 hour sessions Course Cost: $125.00 Assessment Fee: $65.00

DWI Classes

Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health offers a 12 hour DWI Class that is designed to help DWI offenders in Richmond, Texas and the surrounding areas gain knowledge regarding alcohol and drugs and the effect on their driving skills, Texas laws and safety and the consequences on the DWI participant. Course Requirement Article 42.12, Section 13(h), Code of Criminal Procedure requires persons convicted of first offense DWI and receiving probation, to attend and successfully complete a 12 (twelve) hour DWI educational program certified by the department. If an individual fails to complete the program within 180 days from the date probation was granted (unless an extension was granted) it will result in the offender's license being revoked. The license cannot be reinstated until the educational program is completed. Payment Accepted forms of payment include cash, cashier's check or Paypal. Payment must be made in full before class starts. Please note - Registration is required under state law and no late entries or registrations. Class will begin promptly at the stated times. NO LATE REGISTRATIONS or ADMITTANCE. If you fail to attend registration at the times listed, any deposits are forfeited to cover administration fees. We cannot predict the class size. It is beyond our control. IMPORTANT- You must attend the registration during the times stated above. Pre-registration is not registration, it is indicating you may be able to attend the session. There is no guarantee is expressed or implied - class size limits are in place and it is first come, first serve. An ID is required. Case number is required. Cost of classes is $150.00 each, payable cash, cashier's check or Paypal. and is due at sign up. Class participant number must meet program guideline requirements. A certificate will be mailed to the licensing agency. Pre-registration is required for each DWI class. Course: 12 Hours: 4, 3 hour sessions Course Cost: $150.00 Assessment Fee: $65.00 Participants must bring Cause Number and SPN Card If you live in Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugarland, Stafford, Missouri City, Needville, Kendleton, Beasley, Fulshear, Eagle Lake or Houston you should take your DWI class with us.

Parenting Classes

The parenting class educates parents on the developmental stages of childhood, and the effect of environmental factors on their child’s development. Class also examines parenting styles and practices. Parents receive strategies for establishing appropriate and realistic expectations; responding to and managing their child’s needs and behaviors; and developing norms for healthy family communication and teamwork. Course: 6 Hour Class Course Cost: $125.00

Anger Management Classes

We offer Anger Management classes using a Model that explains:

• Anger is a choice.

• We have the option to respond in a healthy or unhealthy manner when faced with a challenging situation.

• If we are aware of our triggers, we can prevent unwanted episodes of anger.

Knowing that we have many options when dealing with our anger is empowering. We can either be out of control or in control. The choice is ours. If you have been required to take an anger management class for court or probation, look no further than Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health. We understand that, while you may not have an anger problem, you might need to learn new ways of managing your anger. Anger is a natural emotion; nobody should ever feel bad about experiencing it, but we want to ensure that you have all the tools to prevent a violence, understand triggers, and avoid anger when possible. Course: 6 Hours Class Course Cost: $125.00

Shoplifting & Theft Prevention Classes

If you have been caught shoplifting or otherwise stealing, you may be required to complete a 3-hour theft and shoplifting class. Texas law requires that shoplifting offenders complete this one-time program as one of their plea or probation requirements. In some cases, individuals are required to complete programs from 5-15 hours for court; in these cases, we are happy to work out a program that will allow you to get the required hours. Here at Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health we provide engaging, interactive, and effective shoplifting prevention classes to clients that have been accused of theft or shoplifting. This is a live instructor led course and we dive-deep into why people shoplift and steal. We also expose the underlining issues that may cause kleptomania or compulsive stealing. We also offer solutions that our clients can use immediately after leaving class. Simply give us a call and let us know what you need Course: 3 Hour Class Course Cost: $ 99.00

We have IOP for adults and adolescents. The program is intended for those who need intense therapy. Adult IOP hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6pm-9pm. Adolescent IOP hours are Tuesday and Thursday 5pm-8pm.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Cinco Ranch Behavioral Health is a program designed for individuals experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues that do not require care or crisis stabilization. IOP offers two specialized tracks, one for mental health and one for substance abuse. Supervised medication management, on-site therapy (individual, group or family), education, training and skill building may be offered as part of intensive outpatient treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Therapeutic Modalities: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Mindfulness Training. Below is a partial listing of group therapy topics.
Substance Abuse
• Co-occurring disorders
• Irrational thinking
• Identifying problems
• Goals and problem solving
• Triggers and warning signs
• Relapse stages and prevention
• Recovery planning
• Coping skills
• Self-identity and self-esteem
• Encouraging positive thoughts

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